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Marine Corps Tankers Have Made History. Your Foundation is Making it Known.

Tank crewmen journal

Vol. 2 No. 1


02 January 2010



 Honoring Our Donors


Thank You All !


The life line of the Vietnam Tankers Historical Foundation comes in two forms; the first comprises those who contribute their sweat equity; they are our Volunteers.  Just as important, there are those who do not have the time to volunteer but contribute their financial support. Without financial donations, the Historical Foundation could not achieve the success it has. Thank you for your continued financial support for 2010.


* Indicates multiple donation Indicates a donation of $500


Carey, Richard "Dick"

Clock, Darrell & Jeni  

Coan, Jim

Coates, Frank

Farrell, Dan

Flick, Mike

Forsyth, David "Doc"

Gibson, Gary

Guffey. Jim*


Hutchins, Glen*

Martinez, Joe

Matzenbacher, Mike

Parshall, Larry

Parshall, Blinda*

Peksens, Richard

Raasch, Jim & Bonnie

Ritch, Pete*

Robinson, Robbie

Slovick, Frank, Lt. Col., USMC, Retired


Smith, Rick & Patti

Steele, Martin R., Lt. Gen., USMC Retired

Stewart, Julie*

Stewart, Ray, Lt. Col., USMC, Retired*

Steigelman, Herb., Lt. Col. USMC Retired

Tilden, Richard & Sarah Tilden

Tuke, Robert D.

Venturi, Sonny

Wear, John, President USMC V.T.A.




10 February '10